segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Who Cares when i Am Hurt?

Just tell me the reason, my dear heart,
Why is it, we fell apart…..
I went to the moon; u ran to the stars,
What is the reason, we went so far…..

Now that all things are, said & done,
U called from the star & said, “Just for fun”;
If it was for fun, then tell me dear,
What is the thing u & I fear??

What bout the days, months & years,
We lived together, without any fear,
What bout the days we laughed & cried,
You even forgot, we had a “Smile!!”

So I’ll like to end this small story,
With a wish from my heart;
I wish the moon & star get together,
And hope that,
“We never fell Apart!!”

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